Hope Easton Cellist Songwriter Singer

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Begging You

Dark Moon

J.S. Bach Prelude 5th Suite

Bright As A Star


All This Love

Just Wait

A Whole New Mind "Snippet"


J.S.Bach Courante from the 1st Suite

A Day in the Life

I love to create, when Im not recording in the studio or performing I am working on original music, my favorite thing to do. You can also find me in the garden, I have two green thumbs and quite a garden. I also love seeing what is happening in the stars.

Live Life in Song

I am currently working on another CD which should be done soon.

Be Inspired by Everything

Great year so far; performing at NAMM as well as the Grammy party ; Apple commercial and a stint on HBO's Westworld. Stay tuned to what's next.

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