Over & Over

Begging You

Dark Moon

J.S. Bach Prelude 5th Suite

Bright As A Star


All This Love

Just Wait

A Whole New Mind "Snippet"


J.S.Bach Courante from the 1st Suite

Some Love

Introducing Sonos Electric: www.SonosChamberPlayers.com

Schubert Cello Quintet

Please visit my group's site: SonosChamberPlayers.com

Classical: Pop : Jazz

A Day in the Life

I love to create, when Im not recording in the studio or performing I am working on original music, my favorite thing to do. You can also find me in the garden, I have two green thumbs , growing veggies , plants and flowers! I also love seeing what is happening in the stars.

Live Life in Song

I am currently working on another CD/Album/Record (depending on your generation), which should be done soon.

Be Inspired by Everything

Great year so far; performing at NAMM as well as the Grammy party ; Apple commercial and a stint on HBO's Westworld. Stay tuned to what's next.

About Miss Hope

Miss Hope just had the great opportunity to be on stage and perform with the iconic David Foster for a private event. They performed with Katherine McPhee Foster, The Tenors (canadian group), Charlie Puth, and Loren Allred. Today the least an incredible concert with some of the best singers. 

Miss Hope will be doing an interview this week on Active Culture for Riverwest Radio WXRW 104.1 Fm in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with Will LaDuke. 

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For just listening here is my soundcloud! New songs as well as old! Enjoy!